As Charles Shultz states, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

We surely agree with this statement as the happiness these super-cute, furry, giggly, and squishy beings bring is a different experience and feeling altogether. Among all the other breeds, one fascinating line of dogs is Golden doodle Puppies.     

They are sure everyone’s favorite and undoubtedly the most attention-seeking. Extremely adorable, true-blue, quick-witted, and non-shedding dogs with glistening eyes and enthusiastic personas.

If you have one at home, you know the drill- give undivided attention to them, or you have lost the game. 

Breed Name: Goldendoodle 
Breed Group: Hybrid
Origin Australia & United States
Size Large (61-100 lbs.)
Height: 17-21+ Inches
Weight: 50-90 Pounds
Life Span:  10-16 years
Type of Coat: Medium and Super Curly
Coat Color: Black, Gray, Red, Blue, Cream, White, Fawn, Gold / Yellow, Brown / Chocolate / Liver
Temperament:  Energetic and Friendly
Other Names: Mini Goldendoodle, Mini Goldenpoo, Miniature Goldenoodle
Energy Level Active
Grooming Needs: High
Training Needs: Medium
Good With Children, Dogs, Cats, and Families

Super-Cute Sizes 

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


We run out of words at times. You would like a cute and cuddly doodle, but you cannot accommodate a large dog, so you would be better off determining the full-grown mini golden doodle’s size. 

But, the burning question that most individuals have while getting a Goldendoodle is: 

  1. What size should I go for?
  2. Will I be able to manage my everyday chores and schedule within their presence? 
  3. How big can they get? 
  4. For ones who already have them, they are just contemplating how much they will grow.

When Do They Stop? So Many Questions and Skepticism  

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


Don’t worry; this blog piece will sort all these queries for you. Let’s start!

 Fortunately, Goldendoodles are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the breed that best suits your needs.

Let it be an informed decision and not taken in haste, as, like you; they also deserve someone who cherishes them with all their heart.

Interestingly, as the name suggests, a golden doodle is a hybrid of a golden retriever and a poodle. The elegance, eagerness, and extreme intelligence of a poodle divulged with the retriever’s adorable, fluffy, energetic vibe makes it the best jumbo combo one can desire. 

The Varied Differences

Toy Goldendoodle Mini/Medium Goldendoodle Standard Goldendoodle
Weight 10-25 pounds 25-51 pounds 50-100 pounds
Height 15 inches or less 15-22 inches 20-27 inches
Age at Full-Grown 7.5-11 months 11-13 months 12.5-17 months

The mini Goldendoodles full grown are very wide in appearance due to the fact that they are not a true breed. Often appearing wavy and shaggy, their coat can be straight like a golden retriever or curly like a poodle.

These warm, fuzzy happiness are available in five distinct sizes, i.e., standard, Medium, mini, toy, and teacup. So you are free to choose according to your comfort and convenience. 

For example, the full grown mini Goldendoodles are usually between 14-17 inches in height, and nearly 26-35 lbs in weight or the standard ones are over 21 inches at wither in height and 36-50 lbs in weight. 

Dogs of this hybrid breed grow rapidly in the first months of life, usually gaining 50% of their adult weight in six months. 

The Age Charts

Age Male Weight (lbs) Female Weight (lbs)
Birth-2 weeks 0.5 – 1 0.5 – 2
1 Month 1.5 – 2 1.5 – 2
2 Month 2 – 4 2 – 3
3 Month 4 – 6 3 – 5
4 Month 6 – 10 5 – 7
5 Month 10 – 14 7 – 10
6 Month 14 – 18 10 -12
7 Month 18 – 22 12 -15
8 Month 22 – 26 15 – 20
9 Month 26 – 30 20 – 24
10 Month 30 – 32 24 – 25
11 Month 32 – 33 25 – 26
1 Year 33 – 35 25 -30
Total months = 18 35 – 36 30 -32

You’re inevitably wondering how big your mini Goldendoodle will be once they’re fully grown! 

Pro Cons

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


But trust us, you will not even realize, and the time will slip away, and soon, your little puddle of joy will turn into a notorious monster!

We can’t accurately predict your dog’s size, but we can give you a ballpark estimate based on these characteristics, i.e., height, weight, gender, genes, and others.

The accuracy of the findings is debatable as it depends on the height-weight difference between the two. These permutations are based on the breeding type and allow a tentative guess of the kind of mini goldendoodle full grown’s breed you will have.

The Classic Example

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


For instance, Mini Goldendoodle are the offspring of a Golden Retriever, and a Miniature Poodle or a Golden Retriever bred with a toy poodle is a toy Goldendoodle. 

A skilled Goldendoodle breeder will strategize and identify breeding down a conventional-sized Goldendoodle to a smaller size to minimize structural concerns.

As articulated, the weight differential between the two dogs should be at most ten pounds for a steady reduction in size with fewer possible difficulties.

However, the genetic code plays a significant role as the puppies can also inherit physical characteristics from their ancestors’ genes. Thus, the variation in the litter is evident in the majority of the cases. 

By the time they turn one year old, most Goldendoodles have reached their peak height. It nearly takes a full size mini Goldendoodle 8-9 months of age to attain full size and almost 12 months to get full weight. 

The Key to Their Great Lifestyle

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


As a result, it is recommended that you feed and nourish your Golden doodle puppies for them to develop into a pleasant, active, and healthy adult. 

There lies massive contrast and distinction between a Goldendoodle and a mini Goldendoodle. The first and most obvious one is their size difference. 

Apart from that, standard Goldendoodles, once fully mature, are calmer, settle down, and mature more slowly, whereas the full grown mini Goldendoodle, even after reaching adulthood, is highly energetic, lively, and active.
Exercise and proper training help to keep these tendencies in check in the full size mini Goldendoodle because they tend to be high-strung.

The Four Generations

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


Breeders began combining various puppies with a standard poodle once the labradoodle gained popularity. Even within the category of golden doodles, the mini Goldendoodles are available in four generations.

These are categorized into F1 Mini Goldendoodle, F1b Mini Goldendoodle, F2 Mini Goldendoodle, and F2b Mini Goldendoodle. 

With cute faces and friendly personalities, Goldendoodles have struck the strings of hearts of the majority. Pick a choice based on your preference and family size to stay calm. While their grooming needs are high, it is equally important to understand that regular maintenance can go a long way in helping you with these snugglers. 

The full-size mini Goldendoodle sheds less but requires frequent brushing and cleaning because its delicate undercoat becomes matted and twisted.

It is important to take proper care of your Goldendoodle’s coat so that they will not experience painful skin issues and may even experience difficulty walking if their paw pads are overgrown with hair.

Your Smart Best Friend!

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


Golden doodle puppies are highly trainable yet may become destructive and act strangely around strangers. Henceforth, providing them with continuous love, extra care, and dedicated attention is integral for better sync and a holistic understanding. 

Since they are intelligent and obedience-oriented, they make excellent guide dogs. These full grown mini Goldendoodles also work incredibly as therapy dogs due to their friendly and kind temperaments.

The full-size mini Goldendoodle has a wide range of coat hues varying from light cream, dark apricot, black, chocolate, muddy, and many others. This huge spectrum of coloration makes each of them so unique and adorable. 

With vivid markings, sizes, and types, they are like a rainbow emerging from the same prism. No wonder they have become the talk of the town and gained so much vogue in today’s society.

Although hybrid dogs are considered healthier than purebred dogs, they might suffer from some health issues. The teeth of full grown mini Goldendoodles are crammed together, which increases the chances of bacteria building up and gum disease. 

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The Foodie Essentials

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


It is essential to understand their dietary needs and feed them accordingly. Food products such as fillers, including cereals, starchy grains, dairy products, caffeine, chocolates, bones, fresh fruits, artificial colors, preservatives, flavoring, spices, and others. 

You can feed them with essential nutrients and proteins such as high meat/fish content, fresh, high-protein foods, such as meat, eggs, omega 3 and omega 6, yogurt, cottage cheese, and tinned oily fish. 

If your dog joins you for meals, keep an eye out for persistent begging, you don’t wish to overfeed them. They may seem to be enjoying it, but it can be a massive disaster for you to deal with later.

Exercise is at the core of their health, and it is their responsibility to get them to lose that extra energy and weight they put on. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Stick to this mantra, and you are good to go! Regular walks of 30-45 minutes are a must.

Exercising Is the Key

Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle


Offer them physical and mental stimulation with a great energy burn and enrichment activities. That’s non-negotiable and a deal breaker for these full grown mini Goldendoodles.
Because of the full-size mini golden-doodle’s great intelligence, they are prone to boredom and need entertainment to prevent misbehavior, although they can also enjoy cuddling up on the couch.

Their laid-back, easygoing demeanor makes them less prone to complain if their every need and want is not satisfied. You don’t just have one. Rather you need to earn them with effort, affection, and timely snuggles and kisses. 

These cute, friendly, energetic puppies can melt anyone’s heart with their lively personalities and socialization skills.
It’s recommended to give your dog toys to keep them engaged while you’re crate training them and to create some activity or social involvement for them, such as music, TV, or radio when you are not around so that they won’t become lonely. 


All they need is your love & sheer attention. Make them a priority and an integral part of your daily routine. The pawsitivity they bring is unparalleled. Those goofies also deserve the best and a loving and caring environment that nurtures them. 

It is important to conduct extensive research on the breeder and the dog’s health history before you purchase or adopt them. Full grown mini Goldendoodles are intelligent, lively, and social dogs that make excellent family companions. 

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