Looking for the perfect destination to spend your vacations at? Peanut Island tops the list!

Being one of the most fun places to spend your vacation, it is a small tropical island offering a plethora of cool places and exciting experiences. From tall palm trees to a white sand beach, clear water, and schools of tropical fish, Peanut island offers an unparalleled experience with its magnificent landscape.

Let’s learn more about the island and find the top things to do on Peanut island to make your trip the most memorable one. 

Approaching the Peanut Island

Peanut Island

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Before we head into the virtual trip to Peanut Island, let’s see how to get to the hotspots of the place. Make sure to look at the map of Peanut Island before you head there. Each zone of the island has a designated activity associated with it.

From Kennedy Bunker to Peanut Island camping zone, each and every place can be spotted on the map, and it’ll be easier to approach as you plan your trip. 

The History of Peanut Island Florida

Peanut Island

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Have you ever wondered how Peanut Island got its name? What makes it so unique?

Back in 1918, Peanut Island was just a piece of 10 acres of land that was further developed and sprawls across an area of 80 acres today. The island was planned as a terminal to port Peanut oil which gave it the name. One of the amusing facts is that it never served as the shipping point for peanuts; however, the name remained intact.

Peanut Island Florida is a man-made island used as a spoil site that aids in keeping the local waterways well-maintained. While Peanut Island Park nestles along the boundary of the island, the central places are dedicated to other activities. 

Peanut Island Kennedy Bunker

Peanut Island has a military background which is why Kennedy Bunker can be spotted there. The bunker was built in 1961 and served as one of the command centres and shelters for the president at that time. He used the bunker during Cold War, and it was kept secret, and to date, not everyone knows about the bunker. Don’t miss out on the hidden entrance when you’re exploring the island.

Coast Guard Station

Another historical site at Peanut Island is the Coast Guard Station. The building was opened in 1936, but due to military use, it was closed in 1995. The classic red roof, along with old photographs, takes you back in time as you visit the structure. You’ll come across old survival kits, emergency water cans, and gas masks as you go around.

Peanut Island and the Things to Do

1. Sandy Beaches

Peanut Island

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There’s nothing great as unwinding on a sandy beach in front of turquoise water. Peanut Island offers beaches on all four sides; however, the best ones are located on the southern and eastern sides of the island. These beaches are wide, and you’ll sit in front of the natural view with crystal clear water.

Beaches can offer great relaxing spots with tall trees providing natural shade. The easiest way to reach the southeast beaches is simply taking a left as you get off the shuttle. Keep walking along the paved path, and your destination will be there to welcome you.

2. Swim in the Crystal Clear Water

Peanut Island

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What’s better than taking a dip in the ocean on a scorching summer day? The great weather of Peanut Island lets visitors swim the whole year. The water temperature is always warm and comfortable to swim and enjoy.

Kids can even enjoy the clear water, while adults can opt for several water sports options available there. The exotic beach location can also serve you with a wide variety of sea creatures to gaze at.

3. Peanut Island Park

Peanut Island

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Not a fan of getting tanned on the beach? Don’t worry! Peanut Island can prove to be fun for everybody as apart from the sea and beach, Peanut Island Park serves as a soothing place. 

The location keeps you safe from the sun owing to the natural shade through tall trees. This park also has shower facilities to washing after water adventures. The island park has several amenities ranging from bathrooms to covered picnic spots.

4. Peanut Island Observation Deck

Peanut Island

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Want to drown in natural scenery? Go to the Peanut Island observation deck for the most mesmerizing views. The deck is located south of the island, offering magical scenery of South Florida water.

Further, 20 miles ahead of the observation deck is the Lake Worth Lagoon. The deck is located at a higher level than the sea to offer unobstructed views. This can serve as the best photography spot and offer amazing Instagram-worthy pictures. 

5. Peanut Island Snorkelling Lagoon

Peanut Island

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Here for the water adventures? Peanut Island is the best spot with amazing water activities. Go for snorkeling to get familiar with the underwater. Peanut Island Florida has also been featured as one of the top 12 snorkeling spots in the U.S.

With calm water and sea at comfortable temperatures throughout the year; you can go snorkeling at any time and check out the different habitats under the water. You can even explore artificial reeds and lagoon, and get a glimpse of different sea animals. Angelfish, cushion starfish, green moray eels, and parrotfish are a few of the commonly spotted species. 

Try going for the experience either before or after the high tide period. Ensure to check the tide charts and book the best time. 

6. The Fishing Pier

Peanut Island

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Don’t we all love fishing? Peanut Island Florida offers you an unmatched experience with clear sparkling water. The entire stretch of the public park serves numerous fishing opportunities.

Carry your pole and go for pier fishing to catch a variety of sea creatures. You’re sure to catch shellfish and different types of saltwater fish as you boat around the shore while fishing. The non-residents of Florida require a fishing license to fish on Peanut Island.

7. The Reef Broadwalk

Peanut Island

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Wish to get the feeling of floating on water? Go for the Reef Broadwalk on the Peanut Island. Located in the southern part of the island, you can go for a 280 feet long stretch over Lake Worth Lagoon. 

Explore the zig-zag path, take a pause and enjoy the panoramic views of the water. As you walk on the boardwalk, you’ll also witness the cold water breeze and end up feeling extremely calm and relaxed. 

8. Paddle Boarding on Peanut Island

Peanut Island

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Have you heard about the thrilling experience paddle boarding offers? Get to experience it at Peanut Island. Paddle boarding is a rewarding experience as apart from the rejuvenation it offers; the sport is also good for physical fitness.

There’s no requirement for special skills for this adventure. You can simply sit, stand, or kneel while paddling around the island. One of the best times to paddle is during sunset to get the best views. You can even consider the idea of paddle boarding in the full moonlight. 

For freshers, lessons for paddle boarding are also available on the island. 

9. Peanut Island Kayaking

Peanut Island

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Go kayaking and explore the island. As you go around with a relaxing surface, you’ll witness the magical sights of the beach, rocks, plants, and all the natural elements adorning Peanut Island.

Several rental options on the island allow you to choose between solo and two-person kayaking options. The layout of the island lets you glide through the clear water and get a close-up view of the mangrove channels. You can even opt for a tour guide to take you to the best kayaking spots on the island. 

10. Boat Tour at Peanut Island Florida

Peanut Island

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Peanut Island is one of the prime boating spots. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, go for party boats and enjoy the views. You can either opt for rental boating tours or take your own boat to the island.

11. Mangrove Broadwalk of Peanut Island

Peanut Island

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Situated close to the Peanut Island boat dock, you can take a walk on the 230-foot-long Mangrove Broadwalk. As you stroll the path, you’ll land on water and be surrounded by magnificent mangrove trees. Capture the views of manatees and wading birds as you go for this walk.

12. Say Hi to the Sea and Animal Life

Peanut Island

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One of the major reasons to visit Peanut Island Florida is to get to know the sea and animal life over there. Whether you’re exploring through water sports or taking a walk in the park, you’ll witness glimpses of the refreshing flora and fauna of this island.

From a variety of species in vegetation and animal life, there’s a unique sight present in each nook of the island. Peanut Island is home to mangrove channels, reefs, and a plethora of fish. From the lively yellow dune sunflower to the flowy look of seagrasses, every view is worth capturing and enjoying.

13. Camping at Peanut Island

Peanut Island

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How relaxing is camping under a starry night? Peanut Island lets you stay overnight and enjoy a one-of-its-kind camping experience. You can witness the beauty of the beach at night time and get a chance to witness the cold breeze.

The option to stay in a hotel also offers hot showers and restrooms. Enjoy dinner under the stars with your loved ones and connect with nature with one-night camping. Make sure to go through the process of reservation and permits to camp.

How Much Does a Trip to Peanut Island Cost?

Your trip to Peanut Island can prove to be one of the most affordable trips. The major expense that you’ll have to go through is the Peanut island ferry. Apart from that, there are no shopping spots, restaurants, or stores for you to spend money.

Entry to Peanut Island park is free of cost, and the spot serves as one of the best picnic locations for friends and families. You can even plan camping at the beach with a tent and cooler. At times, there are pizza boats that might deliver pizza while you’re at the camp. The minute expense you might have to deal with is the basic snorkeling supplies and types of equipment; otherwise, you can enjoy a relaxed and inexpensive trip to Peanut Island.

Ferry Services at Peanut Island, Florida

Peanut Island

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The only means to get to Peanut Island is by boat or watercraft. Either you can reach the island with your personal boat or opt for the services of the Peanut Island ferry. The ferry services are present inside Riviera Beach Marina Village and operate from 10 am to 5 pm every day.

The terminal has a trip to the island every 25 minutes and the travel time to reach the destination is 10 minutes. One of the best parts of the trip with the Peanut Island ferry is that your dogs can also accompany you. 

Apart from the regular journey, you can also access basic supplies like cold drinks, eatables, ice, and sunscreen on the ferry.

Places to Visit Around Peanut Island, Florida

As you plan a visit to Peanut Island, don’t miss out on the cool spots situated nearby. Plan a visit to Ocean Reef Park, Riviera Beach Marina, Munyon Island, Blue Heron Bridge, and Phil Foster Park. 

An Adventure Like Never Before…

Peanut Island

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With sea-based and land-based activities, Peanut Island takes you on a fun adventure like no other place can offer. From the tropical trees to vibrant sea animals, every natural sight on the island is sure to reside in your heart and memories. Plan a trip and experience the most pocket-friendly yet exciting trip.

Peanut Island

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1. Which Is the Best Time to Visit Peanut Island?

Plan your trip to Peanut Island during the weekdays for less crowded days. The best time to plan is either during the early morning or afternoon for a peaceful time.

2. How Can I Reach Peanut Island?

One can easily reach Peanut Island by taking a ferry that leaves for the Island every 25 minutes daily.

3. What Is the Timing for the Peanut Island Ferry?

The last ferry from Peanut Island leaves at 3 pm and returns at 5 pm.

4. What Is the Area of Peanut Island?

Peanut Island, Florida, sprawls across an area of about 80 acres. 

5. Is Peanut Island Pet-Friendly?

Peanut Island allows pets only if they’re tied on a leash. The best experience is offered as you can take your dogs along with you on the ferry.

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